Car Impounded?

If your vehicle has been impounded in the Cowichan Valley phone 250-701-8697.

Paperwork Requirements for Claiming a Vehicle

If the vehicle is being driven out of the compound, the vehicle must be insured, and the driver must present a valid driver’s license. The owner of the vehicle must also provide photo identification such as a valid driver’s license, BCID, passport, status card, or student ID card.

Has Your Vehicle Been Impounded?

If your vehicle has been siezed for a set period of time, you must wait until that time period has passed.  Once it has, you will require the documents stated above.

It is the owner’s responsiblity to pay all towing and storage fees, prior to release of the vehicle.

Has Your Vehicle Been Impounded for More Than Seven Days?

If your vehicle was impounded for more than seven days under the BC Vehicle Impoundment Program, you will need to obtain an Order of Release from the Ministry of Transportation before we are permitted to release the vehicle. Please see the ICBC web site for details.

Vehicle Impoundment Program – Getting Your Vehicle Back

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